Our History

Where It All Began

Rocco Anthony Bria was born in Rose, Italy in 1944. He came to the US when he was 13 years old with his family and settled in Greenwich Ct. He joined the US Army to acquire his citizenship and served in Vietnam. While stationed in Ft. Lewis, Wa. he met Marilue Garowski, they married and moved back to Greenwich, Ct. Rocco then purchased a garbage truck and began a garbage service. Later, he was employed by Chevron Oil and was transferred to Portland, Or.

Next, Rocco started working for Vancouver Welding Supply driving and delivering in the local area and he became familiar with the surroundings. It was during this time that Rocco started developing his recipes at home. At this time, Battle Ground was a small community with one 4-way stop light in the midst of town. The BG Plaza had a vacancy and Rocky’s Pizza made it home for the next 2 years, with Red and white checkered curtains sewed by Marilue at home, and the jukebox rocking on Friday and Saturday nights with the latest hits from the Village People’s YMCA to Styx’s’ Renegade, and Foreigner’s Hot Blooded!

Becoming very popular and frequently crowded, a larger facility was needed. The “Log Cabin” was built in 1974 modeled after the Oregon Forestry Center, which had burned down in 1964. A couple of restaurants had resided for a short time in the building before Rocky’s. The original time-frame for their move into the building was to be 2 weeks, but after some interior inspections, it quickly grew to a month. All the vertical logs in the building were originally installed with the bark on them, which led them to rot, and required replacement, a huge undertaking. After removal and replacement, and other major remodeling Rocky’s opened their doors in the fall of 1980.