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Awful. Unevenly cooked Burnt thinest crust hallow all along inside outer edge. Basically ate the topping s. Worst pizza ever. walked in there like at 9pm the doors open. Said they close at 10. woman says they are closed but there are people siting in lounge area. No hi how can I help you. We had to say we called in a order she went and got the pizza but then we said we ordered breadsticks she had to go look for the breadsticks order. Which she said they had to make so we asked how long …she had to go ask. She said she’s new so we understand that Her co worker then comes shows her the breadsticks are ready. After all that we were hungry had a Breadsticks were cold. Pizza warm. Over priced Very disappointed. $30 and wow awful. Lesson learn look at bottom of pizza 🍕. Of course not going back here again.

L phillips

Fantastic pizza – tons of toppings.

Great place for family night out. Fantastic pizza – tons of toppings. A few games for the kids. A great place for Parties!


The pizza and salad bar are the BEST!

I have been coming here since I was a kid back when they had all the animals on the wall..wish they still did. The pizza and salad bar are the BEST! They have a variety of pizzas. Come try it you wont be disappointed. Its a cozy restaurant made from logs. It has loft seating, all you can eat buffet, kid friendly and they have just added a bar onto it. I dont drink so I personally dont go in that part.



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